Florida Greyhounds to Arizona or Bust

As you probably are aware Florida greyhound racing is over at the end of 2020 but two Florida tracks are closing at the end of March. Eighty (80) hounds are being transported to this part of the country courtesy of the Southwest Greyhound Xchange.

We have committed to taking 8 hounds around the beginning of March but we can’t do it without your help. Is it possible? Yes! Here’s your chance to help a Florida racer find his or her loving home in our backyard. We need committed foster volunteers and we need you, you and you and/or your neighbors or friends who love the greyhound breed. Our foster circle must expand in order to accommodate SA Greys commitment to helping Florida racers find loving homes.

10 reasons to foster a greyhound:

  1. Gives a hound an opportunity to learn how to live in a home with an individual or family, making them better adoptees;
  2. Gives an individual or family an opportunity to learn how to live with a hound, you become better adopters;
  3. Reduces our boarding costs ($15/per day per dog + food);
  4. Provides critical feedback to SA Greys to help us make better adoption matches;
  5. It’s generally a short-term commitment and if going on vacation, we find respite fostering;
  6. You can enjoy the company of a hound when you can’t make a long-term commitment;
  7. SA Greys covers the vet costs while you foster;
  8. Watching a greyhound play with a toy for the first time is a joyous experience;
  9. With a foster hound, you have an unlimited source of funny stories and touching photos to share on social media; and …
  10. Fostering a greyhound is a surefire positive contribution to your karmic balance!

Take this important first step and contact Nancy Lynberg, adoption coordinator, at foster@sagreys.com. She can answer your questions. If you have not fostered or adopted, then fill out an application. If you have not fostered before, we guide you through the process.

If you have ideas how we can expand our foster campaign, let us know…ASAP

If you cannot foster, please consider making a donation to cover the boarding fees.

Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption wants to do the right thing – helping more hounds enjoy their retirement. We hope you do too. Thank you.

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  1. What steps can we take now, to help us prepare and qualify to adopt a greyhound in the future? We’re located in Yuma, and are especially fond of Seniors.

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