Foster Contract


NAME:  ____________________________________________________________

ADDRESS:  _________________________________________________________

PHONE NUMBERS:  _________________________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESSES:  ________________________________________________

This contract is made by Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption (SA Greys) and the foster identified above.  In exchange for receiving a foster dog(s) from SA Greys, I make the following agreements and representations:

_____ I agree to foster a dog/dogs on behalf of SA Greys.  I understand I will not be compensated for my time or services.

_____ I understand foster is a temporary placement and the dog remains the exclusive property of  SA Greys.  Either I or SA Greys may terminate the foster placement at any time, for any reason.   Should either party terminate the placement, I agree to immediately return the dog to SA Greys or make the dog available for pick up.

_____ I will keep a house collar with the SA Greys tag and my contact information on the dog at all times.  If the dog should ever escape, I will notify SA Greys immediately.

_____ I agree to provide the dog with good and loving care, including but not limited to quality food, fresh water, daily exercise and soft bedding.  The dog will be kept exclusively as a house pet, inside my home, and will not, under any circumstances, be kept outside, in a garage or in a basement.  The dog will not be crated for more than four hours at one time.

_____ I will not allow the dog to go outside or enter any unenclosed area unless he or she is wearing a martingale collar with a standard leash affixed and securely held.  I will never trust your greyhound to “stay” at an open house or vehicle door.  I will secure the leash BEFORE they have access to escape.  I will not use a retractable leash on a greyhound.

_____ If my foster attends an off-leash play date in an enclosed area with other greyhounds, ALL greyhounds must be muzzled.  If not, the foster dog shall not be allowed to participate.

_____ I am aware dog parks can be dangerous.  Also, a greyhound’s thin skin can easily be torn by another dog who is merely playing.  I will exercise great caution in determining whether the dog is in a safe environment based on other dogs in the park, manner of play and the quality of their supervision.  I will remove the foster immediately if the dog’s safety cannot be assured.

_____ I will never use physical discipline (hitting, swatting, kicking, etc.) to correct the dog.  I will correct inappropriate behaviors verbally and reinforce correct behavior.  [For example, if the dog is caught chewing on a shoe, you would say “no,” remove the shoe, replace it with a toy, and say “chew your toy” in a happy, friendly voice.]

_____ I understand disciplining a dog for past misconduct does no good.  The dog does not understand the connection between the prior behavior and the correction.  [For example, if you find the dog has urinated on a rug previously, rubbing his nose in it or yelling at him does not teach the dog not to urinate on the rug.  All it teaches the dog is that he can’t trust you because you randomly get angry with him.  To correct the behavior, you must “catch him in the act” in the future, tell him “no” and take him outside.  When he potties outside, he should be praised for being a good dog.  This is why we recommend you use a baby gate or xpen to keep the dog within eye sight until he is housetrained.]

_____ I understand greyhounds, especially young greyhounds, may chew on or swallow inappropriate things.  I will be vigilant to remove any potential hazards from their reach.

_____ I understand if my foster is not yet spayed or neutered, the hound may not go to a dog park, meet and greet or other event.  I will keep the hound in my house and yard, and will only exercise the hound in my immediate neighborhood, well away from potentially unaltered dogs.

_____ I will carefully monitor the dog’s health and notify SA Greys immediately upon observing any injury or potential medical condition.  I will transport the dog to the closest veterinary emergency room immediately should the dog suffer a serious injury.  I will contact SA Greys in route or upon arrival at the emergency room.  In non-emergent situations, I will obtain authorization from SA Greys prior to incurring medical expenses and will seek treatment only at authorized veterinary practices.

_____ I understand SA Greys may visit my home to check on the dog’s condition and the environment in which he or she is being kept.  I understand I will be required to immediately relinquish the dog should I ever deny SA Greys a home visit.

_____ I understand I may not allow a third person to house or care for the dog, even temporarily, without the express permission of SA Greys.  If I am unavailable to care for the dog, SA Greys will locate a suitable respite foster or rehome the dog.

_____ I understand I will be required to provide updates on my foster dog’s personality, training, and behaviors to assist adoption coordinators in placing the dog in an appropriate forever home.  I understand SA Greys will make the final determination regarding adoption of the dog.

_____ I understand SA Greys hosts meet and greet events several times each month in a variety of locations.  I agree to take the dog to at least one meet and greet each month.  Further, I agree to make the dog available to be transported to additional meet and greets, special events, or one-on-one meetings with potential adopters.[1]

_____I understand SA Greys does not make any representations or warranties, either express or implied concerning the temperament, habits or background of the dog.  I understand the dog is not house trained and may have behavioral issues, such as marking or chewing.

_____ Additionally, I understand the dog may have a high prey drive, and as a result, may injure a cat or small dog if not properly restrained.  I will not allow the dog to have contact with a cat or small dog without first muzzling the dog and ensuring the smaller animal will be safe.

_____ I hereby agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless SA Greys, its volunteers, agents and Board of Directors from any and all liability arising out of, or in consequence of, any  damage to property or injury to persons sustained by me, my children, and/or any other person as a result of the dog, or any activity connected with said dog, while the dog is in my care.

_____ If SA Greys is forced to undertake any legal action to enforce any term of this contract, I agree to indemnify SA Greys for all court costs and attorneys’ fees incurred.

_____  I certify no individual residing or staying in my home, whether temporarily or permanently, has ever engaged in or been charged with animal cruelty or neglect.  I further certify I will return the dog to SA Greys immediately should I ever observe or suspect any type of neglect or abuse by any person who has access to the dog.

DATE: ________________

SIGNATURE:  _______________________________________________

WITNESS:  __________________________________________________

[1] Hounds who have not been spayed/neutered may not attend meet and greet events.  Also, if your foster hound should not attend events due to behavioral issues such as fear of people or a extremely high prey drive, the foster coordinator can waive this requirement.  We want to present a positive image to the general public, protect other animals,  and keep the hound within his or her comfort zone.