Happy Thanksgiving Eve

Happy Thanksgiving Eve

My name is Josie, and this year, I’m so thankful to be in Tucson with SA Greys.

I’m six years old and traveled quite a bit before I landed here with you guys. I ran 69 races starting in West Virginia; then, I went to Arkansas for a bit. After Arkansas, I spend some time in Florida before returning to Kansas. While I was in Kansas, I had seven puppies. Can you believe how good my figure looks even after seven puppies?

I’m staying at the Lazy Grey with some of my friends until I can move into a foster home or my forever home. Of course, I have to have no puppies surgery first. It’s a good thing I’m patient.

Would you like to help with my hotel bill or even part of my vet bill? I sure would be grateful if you did.


I hope you all have a GREYT Thanksgiving. I know I will. xo Josie

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