New Dogs!

We have a secret! SA GREYS is getting another greyhound PUPPY!  Puppy (who doesn’t have a name yet) is only three months old. He already has a approved adopter waiting for him!  Three adult greyhound doggies are joining the SA GREYS family this weekend too. We’ll make sure you get pictures of Puppy, Lucia, Reagan and Elise as soon as they arrive!

— Kit and Kaboodle, SA GREYS Puppy Alums 



Updates: Brood mom Lucia arrived from California on Saturday, March 9. She’s a pretty 8 year old brindle. Here she is with Jeff, who met her transport vehicle in Phoenix and brought her back to Tucson. We learned that she had raced in Tucson until 2015. Elise (red fawn) and Reagan (brindle), both 6 year old brood moms, arrived from Kansas on Monday, March 11, along with a 3 month old puppy named Trigger. Trigger has a crooked right front leg that appears to have been a poorly healed break, but it doesn’t seem to bother him. Dr. Nausley will monitor it. Watch for more updates on Our Hounds page!






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Taryn has volunteered with SA Greys since its founding and currently serves as Operations Director.

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