Riley and Ron Go to Hollywood!

Last month we learned of an upcoming Hallmark show called “2018 American Rescue Dog Show.” The show was looking for owners of dogs in their forever homes in order to give rescue dogs some national exposure. At stake is a $25,000 prize that will be donated to the winning dog’s rescue organization to help it keep doing its good work.


Ron Sevier and Sherri Rotchford, who are the proud parents of three SA Grey hounds, jumped on the chance to enter Ron and Riley (formerly Marigold) and they were selected! Riley and Ron will be representing Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption and will be competing against hundreds of other rescued dogs for the opportunity to win a $25,000 donation to Southern Arizona Greyhound Adoption. The program will be filmed January 13-14 and will air February 12Update: the show will air on February 19.


Ron and Riley submitted this formal photo. Riley’s show collar will arrive shortly. It is very fancy and it matches Ron’s shirt.

The submission included an essay about Riley’s journey from a broken toe, which had to be amputated, to a beloved companion. They submitted their entry under the category “Best Miscellaneous” and the sub-category “Best Sit.” Those responsible for the contest later changed the category to “Best Couch Potato”.


When Riley first arrived in her new home, she was a timid little spirit. She was fearful of noises, sudden movement, and the wind. She carried herself with her head down, tail between her legs, and her eyes were constantly darting. She had a furrowed brow and frightened eyes. Her thin little body was riddled with scars and one of her toes was missing.

Ron set out to earn her trust, sometimes sitting on the floor for hours, speaking to her in a soft gentle tone and waiting for her to come to him. One evening while Ron was standing in the kitchen, Riley approached him, leaned her body against him, and turned her eyes up toward him. Since that day, she has been glued to his side like Velcro. Out of the ashes of her unknown background blossomed a courageous flower.


Riley will quietly walk to wherever Ron is sitting, pass him by, and then back up to the chair, waiting for him to lift her up. At first he tried to let her lie down in his lap, which would be comfortable for most dogs, but she always repositioned herself into a sitting position next to him with her head looking forward or resting her head on his chest or shoulder.

Here is a video of Ron and Riley and their routine.


As you can see, Ron and Riley enjoy a variety of activities. They are truly meant to be together.


We hope everyone will send their positive thoughts and well wishes to Ron and Riley. They will travel to Hollywood this weekend for the filming, although they won’t be able to share the outcome until the show airs on February 13Update: the show will air on February 19.

Whether they win or not, it is a wonderful story that we are happy to share. It will provide national exposure showing how greyhounds make such beautiful and gentle pets.

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  1. Most Beautiful story… We all share in the excited anticipation to see this show… love my adopted Greyhound girl, Raven… such majestic, timid, lovely animals.. we are truly blessed to have even just one in our lifetime! I know I feel blessed! ❤️👣🐾❤️

  2. It’s so touching to see how Riley has responded to Ron. I was delighted to see how she showed him what she wanted in sitting with him!

  3. I saw Riley and Ron at the filming. I have the afghan hound, Faith, that was also competing. Riley is adorable and I was silently rooting for her! I got a call from one of the Best in Rescue people telling me that the show will now air on Feb. 19th at 8:00 p.m. on the Hallmark Channel.

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